Getting great pictures of your work shouldn't be miserable.

Or overwhelming.

Or an afterthought.

But you might not know any other way.

The good news: there's another way, and it's 0% miserable.

What you do know is how awesome your work is.

You know all the time, talent, and guts you put into every part of every construction or home design or restaurant launch.

You know all the times you've made and scrapped and tweaked sketches and plans and ideas just to make the smallest details better-er.

Now you need pictures to show off what you made.

But it's not too long before the 
"I can't wait to get pictures of this..."

...turns into an 
"Oh crap...I have to get pictures of this."

You've either been there, done that, and hated every second of it, or you just don't know where to start.

I've teamed up with dozens of people and companies and shown them that the necessity of getting personality-oozing pictures can actually be something to look forward to.

Translation: More time (and sanity) to do the things you want to do in your life –– not just the things you have to do in your work.

And it can even be fun. Seriously.

No stress.

No micromanaging.

No holes in communication.

No wasted time.

No wondering if you’ll be less than happy with the pictures you’ll get.

Just your best work, shown at its best.

Some Less-Stressed, Better-Looking Clients:

I'm Quinn and I don’t think writing things like this in third-person is helpful. Or normal.

I take myself about 3% seriously, and I wonder if you do the same with yourself.

Why does that matter? Because the absolute best things happen where skill, experience, having a sense of humor, seeing the bigger picture, asking What if?, and inviting in a massive dose of fun intersect.

Yes, that’s a big claim. But it's shown itself to be true over and over and over again.

If you read nothing else, read this: 

I care a lot about great pictures of cool places, but I care a lot more about helping the people behind those places (i.e. you) change others’ lives for the better.

Beautiful images that show people what you’ve made are a must, but how you and the people you help are affected afterwards –– and along the way –– is ultimately what's most important.

Think about it: if anything you do doesn't make the world a little better, is it really as successful as it could be?


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